What Makes a Successful Locum Tenens Provider?

What do successful locum tenens physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and CRNAs have in common? They make a conscious effort to maximize their potential and benefit both their assignment facilities and patients. Additionally, many of these healthcare professionals have developed habits that help them achieve positive experiences practically everywhere they go, and you can cultivate them, too! Read on to discover five things you can do to contribute to your overall success and satisfaction as an independent contractor.

  1. Communicate. Respond to phone calls, voicemail, and emails from your staffing company representative in a timely fashion. Accommodate requests for information and paperwork thoroughly and quickly. While a reputable recruiter will check in with you throughout locum tenens assignments and between engagements, you should touch base with your recruiter, too. Make sure to inform your recruiter if your preferences or needs change so you are on the same page about the opportunities you desire and are available to accept.
  2. Ask questions. Your recruiter provides you with assignment details and other essential data, from typical patient load to the types of procedures generally performed at the medical practice, hospital, or facility. However, if further details will help you deliver better service, ask your recruiter or the manager/administrator at your assignment location to fill in any blanks. They will be more than willing to answer your questions and provide additional information. After all, you need a comprehensive understanding of what is required so you can meet those expectations.
  3. Step outside of your comfort zone. Consider fostering your sense of adventure! While you may favor opportunities in urban areas or working the day shift, do not discount locum tenens assignments in rural or suburban locations or taking call and shifts or schedules that fall outside of your usual preferences. Being flexible on changeable points can increase your success quotient and even introduce you to something that you might enjoy more than your previous assignments.
  4. Update your curriculum vitae (CV) upon assignment completion. Get into the habit of reviewing and revising your CV at the end of each locum tenens assignment. (Our post, “8 Reminders for Perfectly Packaging Your CV,” serves as a handy guide.) This practice ensures that your CV is always current, accurate, and ready for your next dream assignment!
  5. Push yourself. If a situation arises and you have the ability and authority to help, consider going above and beyond. For example, you could assist in teaching permanent staff members about a method or best practice in which you’re skilled. Or, you might volunteer for some of the “less glamorous” tasks. If you learn a colleague is scheduled to work the evening of her daughter’s dance recital, you could offer to cover her shift. You can make a difference—and a lasting impression—by using your skills, perspective, and experience.

The key to success

By employing these practices and identifying other positive routines that align with your personal and professional goals, you can achieve increased effectiveness and success as a locum tenens clinician. Call 855.301.0563 to speak with a knowledgeable Medicus Healthcare Solutions recruiter to start exploring the possibilities today.

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