What Facilities Should Seek in a Locum Tenens Staffing Company

Whether you’re a manager, physician recruiter, or administrative assistant, if your job includes securing supplemental staff for your healthcare organization, you could feel, as the saying goes, spoiled for choice. As of September 11, 2015, the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) had 69 active member companies, according to Martha Dunn, the association’s membership director. There is an untold number of agencies that are not part of the esteemed organization, as well.

Here are a few things to consider when comparing locum tenens staffing companies to find the best solution for your hospital, practice, group, or clinic.

Recruiters who specialize

At some companies, recruiters are generalists, each representing clinicians in numerous medical specialties. At others, they have more of a consultative role and only work with doctors and advanced practitioners experienced in a given area of expertise.

Those who represent physicians and non-physician providers in a particular specialty—from emergency medicine to psychiatry—are well versed in their providers’ clinical practice. They are knowledgeable about trends, certifications, and specialty-specific factors essential to their clinicians’ professions. Moreover, they understand the importance of cultivating good, solid relationships, and as a result, typically attract the cream of the crop who often connect them to other stellar candidates.

Complete coverage for your entire schedule

Whether you are faced with a vacancy caused by an unexpected departure or need additional support to launch a new product line, a full-service resource could better help you to achieve and maintain excellent clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

Partnering with a single locum tenens staffing company that will assume full accountability for your supplemental staffing requirements can save you money and valuable time. This arrangement could help to ensure continuity of care, as well. And instead of dashing back and forth between several firms like a plate spinner at a carnival, you could focus your time and energy on other areas requiring your attention and expertise.

A permanent placement division

A company that offers both locum tenens staffing services and a seasoned permanent placement division can provide a 360-degree solution for all your physician, advanced practitioner, and CRNA staffing needs—whether you have one or several open positions to fill.

Communicate your expectations to company representatives before you enter into an agreement. Each provider presented for a permanent position at your facility or practice should undergo a thorough screening process, which will yield a pool of exceptional, well-qualified candidates. Company recruitment professionals also must consider your patient volume and organizational culture to ensure each candidate poses a long-term solution.

Ability to meet all of your needs

While many locum tenens staffing firms share similarities, their philosophies and offerings can differ. Understanding the options and determining which are best for your healthcare organization are the first steps to finding a company that can meet all your needs.

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