This Season, Cover Your Mouth—And Your Hospital

Monday, September 23, was the official last day of summer. Although you might not need to grab snow shovels or ice scrapers quite yet, it certainly isn’t too soon for decision-makers at urgent care centers, medical practices, and other facilities to start preparing for appropriate coverage to handle fall and winter health issues.

As the weather grows colder, illnesses are on the rise. Influenza, bronchitis, common colds, and acute ear infections spread through schools and workplaces like wildfire—and the chance of contracting them increases rapidly as the season progresses. Going out in public becomes riskier as children and adults sneeze and cough in oblivion, spreading germs at warp speed. To ensure regular staff are not needlessly stretched to their limits and patients have timely access to quality care, managers and administrators may choose to partner with a reputable and reliable locum tenens staffing company to compensate for the spike in sickness.

If you oversee staffing at your organization, before introducing locum tenens providers to your staffing mix you undoubtedly should consider a few factors, from cost effectiveness and clinical skills to experience and flexibility. Hiring a few extra hands to assist during one of the busiest times of year helps retain current staff and ensure that you can properly care for your patient populations. If you still aren’t sold on hiring locum tenens, consider other benefits.

Some administrators opt to work with a few locum tenens firms because they believe it yields more possibilities. Others prefer partnering with a single locum tenens staffing agency that is able to provide innovative solutions, like project and resource management, transition services, and consulting, as well as diverse permanent placement options. These healthcare leaders choose to join forces with a single company that can fully devote itself to taking care of all their staffing needs, managing 100 percent of their schedule, and lessening much of their day-to-day stress. Moreover, they recognize that this alliance ensures their clinic, practice, or facility never unknowingly competes with itself for the same candidate presented by other companies.

No matter your preference, the following tips can help you achieve excellent results when you arrange seasonal coverage at your healthcare organization this fall and winter.

Create a solid locum tenens job description that includes important details (e.g., contract duration, shift, and call particulars) for your staffing company representative(s). Delivering a thorough overview of the assignment early in the process helps quickly connect you with the best candidates and ensure seamless fits.

Assess each candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV) and skill set. Performing a comprehensive review of this essential paperwork helps you efficiently and effectively evaluate physicians and advanced practitioners’ clinical abilities and levels of expertise.

Foster teamwork and communication between independent contractors and regular staff. Because locum tenens clinicians are required to seamlessly work with their permanent counterparts, it is vital that administrators, peers, and other coworkers regard them as part of the team—from the beginning. For help in managing expectations and cultivating teamwork, see our blog post titled, “Promoting Collaboration Among Perm Staff and Locum Tenens Clinicians.”

Learn how Medicus Healthcare Solutions can help you better maintain continuity of care at your urgent care center, practice, or facility during the fall and winter months by calling 855-301-0563 and speaking with a knowledgeable business development executive.

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