Should You Work Locum Tenens?

A group of locum tenens providersDo you enjoy meeting new people? Are you amenable to change? Would you like a more flexible work schedule? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the locum tenens practice alternative could be calling your name.

You have likely worked with independent contractors or have friends who take locum tenens assignments. Hearing about their adventures, the places they have visited, and the things they have learned has probably piqued your interest, making you wonder if working locum tenens would be a great experience for you, too.

To help you discern whether locum tenens practice is right for you, we created a string of self-assessment questions that should take only a few minutes to answer. Go with your first thoughts, as they will provide you with the most accurate answers. By the end of the quiz, you should be able to determine if working locum tenens would complement your goals and lifestyle.

  • Would I enjoy short- and/or long-distance travel on a regular basis?
  • What type of practice settings work best for me?
  • Do I currently reside where I want to locate my practice?
  • Am I living where I plan to retire?
  • Would I like to “test drive” a new job or area before making a long-term commitment?
  • Would I be able to quickly and comfortably acclimate to different people and environments?
  • Do I prefer variety or consistency in the cases I handle?
  • Would I rather spend more time caring for patients than handling administrative tasks?
  • Would I like to avoid hospital politics?
  • Am I board certified or board eligible in my specialty?
  • Would I be content repeatedly adapting to new policies and procedures?
  • Do I meet the minimum clinical requirements?
  • Is my competency level above average?
  • Would doing locum tenens impact my personal commitments and/or other professional obligations?
  • Is establishing a better work-life balance important to me?
  • Are there potential tradeoffs I should consider?

If you believe the “locum lifestyle” would suit you, contact a respected company like Medicus Healthcare Solutions to explore the possibilities and learn what you can do to distinguish yourself as the ideal locum tenens candidate.

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