You have questions? Medicus has answers.

Is my malpractice insurance covered?

Yes. We will provide you with a $1 million/$3 million claims-made policy and tail coverage through our A+ rated insurance company, a subsidiary of Lloyds of London.

What if I have questions while I’m working?

Give us a call. Your personal recruiter will be available to you at all times, both at our offices or via mobile phone. If you are on a transition project, you will have a Medicus Healthcare Solutions medical director on site who can address your questions and needs, as well.

What if I really like my locum tenens assignment?

Sometimes engagements work out so well; providers want to remain at one of our client facilities. Should an ideal permanent opportunity develop at your assignment facility, Medicus Healthcare Solutions will collaborate with all parties to facilitate the transition.

Will you work with me to meet my needs?

Absolutely. Your satisfaction and comfort are important to us, so we will take the time to learn your needs and preferences. And we’ll let you know up front about the daily schedule and hours, call schedule, clinical environment, case types, support staff, and equipment you can expect on an assignment.

Will working with Medicus Healthcare Solutions meet my financial needs?

Most of our providers are pleased with their compensation package. Tell us your financial goals and pay thresholds up front, and we will seek opportunities to meet them.

What are my professional options?

Medicus Healthcare Solutions offers an array of traditional locum tenens assignments. But unlike most staffing firms, we also take on a broad range of exciting and rewarding projects—including consulting engagements and program launches—which will give you the ability to use your non-clinical skills and expertise, if you desire. For example, you could:

  • Provide advisory and leadership services as a consultant
  • Serve in a critical interim leadership role
  • Contribute to exciting team projects, such as program launches
Can I work as much or as little as I want?

Yes. We have providers who prefer two-day assignments, others who choose to practice 50 weeks a year, and more who opt for everything in between.

Can I work in the locations I’m interested in?

We have opportunities nationwide in a variety of facilities—from hospitals to outpatient clinics—in both urban to rural locations. Tell us where you would like to go; if we do not currently have opportunities there, we will endeavor to find something for you and also provide licensure assistance, should you need it.

I’m too busy to book travel, can you help?

Yes. We have a dedicated team of travel coordinators who will take care of your travel arrangements and accommodations, allowing you to focus on your assignment. Should any issues arise, our experienced travel coordinators will handle them, as well.

What if I’m not licensed or credentialed where I want to work?

Our licensing and credentialing coordinators are committed to helping you with the licensure and credentialing processes in a timely manner. They will even pre-fill applications for you, so all you will have to do is verify the accuracy of the information provided, supply any missing details, and sign.

Can I trust you with my CV?

Yes. It is our policy to tell you about an opportunity and—if you are interested in pursuing it—ask your permission to present your curriculum vitae (CV). We regard your CV as confidential information and will always represent you in an ethical manner. Rest assured, we will never present your CV to a facility without your consent.

Will my engagement be as described by my personal recruiter?

Yes. We have partnered with many of our client facilities for years and have walked their halls ourselves. Moreover, we have asked questions of and listened carefully to physicians who have taken assignments at them. We will provide you with a detailed account of the needs and expectations for each opportunity, so you can make an informed decision as to what you want to pursue.

Will my voice be heard?

Yes. If a question or concern arises, your personal recruiter will provide you with timely answers and/or solutions. In addition, you are always welcome to speak with your Medicus Healthcare Solutions practice manager.

How is working on a Medicus Healthcare Solutions team different?

Typically, you would be part of a project to fill a very specific need for a client, such as transitioning a department from one group to another or launching a new practice. In these situations, you would work closely with your team, and sometimes play more complex roles and/or have more elaborate responsibilities than you would on a traditional locum tenens assignment.

How do I get started?

You can begin to explore the possibilities with Medicus Healthcare Solutions by calling us at 855.301.0563 or search our current jobs.

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