National Hospitalist Day Physician Feature: Dr. Michael Ednie

The term Hospitalist first appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine In 1996. Since then, Hospital Medicine has become the fastest-growing medical specialty making significant contributions to our healthcare organization.  

Today, on National Hospitalist Day, we celebrate our Hospital Medicine Physicians. Their role has proven to help reduce patients length of stay, hospital-acquired diseases, and treatment costs. Although patient care is the Hospitalist’s primary role, the profession was built to improve the hospital system. Responsible for internal innovation, hospitalists are often in charge of internal committees and initiatives to improve efficiency and foster collaboration between hospital departments. 

Dr. Michael Ednie has been a Hospital Medicine physician for almost eight years. Michael first started his career as a chef and then became a dietitian at a hospital. His experience in the hospital inspired him to pursue medicine. He wanted to help his patients even more than he could as a dietician. He was drawn to the medical field because of the frequent complexities and everchanging innovative solutions in medicine. Shortly after this realization, he graduated from an international medical school in Ireland and then pursued his Internal Medicine residency in Texas.  

In Dr. Ednies opinion, the most rewarding part of being a Hospitalist is relieving patients suffering and watching them reach their goalsA Hospitalist is responsible for caring for a variety of medical conditions and underlying sicknesses. Through collaboration with fellow health allied professionalsthe team’s focus is on the patient’s entire well-being and recovery, which is truly motivating and empowering 

Dr. Ednie is a firm believer that a Hospitalist can reduce patient length of stay and reduce hospital costs by providing quality medical care through chart reviews, patient interviews, and leading the health care team in achieving the patients goals.  

When asked to provide advice to Hospital Medicine students, Dr. Ednie says to always take the time to review the patients medical records in detail. It is crucial to connect with patients through an in-depth interview. The knowledge you gain through interviewing will allow you to treat patients most effectively and efficiently. Dr. Ednie said, No matter how busy I am, I try to put myself in my patients’ shoes and treat them the way I would want to be treated or the way I would want my family member to be treated. 

Dr. Ednie started working locum tenens as a way to pay off student loans quickly. He continues to work locums now because of the flexibility, travel, and educational opportunities. Locum tenens is also enormously educational. Every new institution offers a unique learning opportunity in health care delivery or medical practice.  

One of Dr. Ednie’s interests outside of medicine is travelingEach month, Dr. Ednie and his fiancée travel throughout the US and Europe.  Since becoming a locum physician, he has traveled to ten European countries, five Caribbean islands, Japan, Singapore, and Mauritius.  

Hospitalist physicians answer the increasing demand for patient care services, filling gaps in healthcare delivery across the country. Medicus Healthcare Solutions thanks you for your dedication to improving and advancing healthcare.

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