What is NALTO? 9 Facts for Hospital Administrators and Physicians

Whether you’re a clinician seeking locum tenens jobs or a hospital administrator searching for quality locum tenens staffing solutions, the trusted firm with which you partner should be a member of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations®, more commonly referred to as NALTO®.

Founded to advance the locum tenens staffing industry, NALTO ensures that both locum tenens physicians and healthcare facilities that use locum tenens services will receive fair treatment from its member agencies. Members agree to abide by a code of ethics and must operate accordingly.

Although numerous locum tenens staffing firms don’t hold a membership with NALTO, there are advantages of partnering with an agency that is a member. Below, we share some additional, helpful information about the only locum tenens industry organization dedicated to promoting sound business practices.

  • NALTO was founded in 1991 to establish and implement industry standards and guidelines for companies that provide physician locum tenens recruitment services.
  • During the second week in August, we celebrate National Locum Tenens Week! Introduced by NALTO, this valuable opportunity is reserved to recognize the abundance of providers practicing locum tenens at medical facilities across the United States.
  • As of this post, NALTO has a total of about 130 members, including active locum tenens staffing agencies, affiliate companies, and vendor members.
  • Recently, NALTO announced a new president and elected two new members to its board of directors.
  • While they may use the services of its member companies, physicians, medical practices, hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare facilities cannot become members of NALTO.
  • NALTO provides ongoing educational programs and resources pertaining to industry standards, ethical conduct among locum tenens staffing agencies, and market trends, as well as their impact on its member agencies.
  • Member firms are expected to adhere to the high professional principles of the association’s Code of Ethics and industry Best Practices and Guidelines, which set clear and effective parameters for behavior. They are obliged to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects favorably on both the locum tenens profession and NALTO.
  • Following a formal complaint and subsequent hearing, if a NALTO member agency is found to have violated the association’s Code of Ethics, it may face sanctions, including termination of membership.
  • NALTO members, like Medicus Healthcare Solutions, strive to help mediate and fulfill all agreements on both sides of an agreement, preserving integrity with a large network of both facilities and providers. Members obtain permission before distributing physician CVs, in addition to disclosing all relevant information to clients upfront. These steps help preserve best business practices and build confidence in their relationships.

Providers who accept opportunities through NALTO member companies can avoid challenges that may arise if they are represented by a staffing firm that is not part of the association. Similarly, healthcare organizations that partner with NALTO member agencies can trust that the companies they do business with respect and adhere to the highest standards in the locum tenens staffing industry.

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