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About medicusOne

An innovative product that combines the benefits of a managed service provider (MSP) and the services of a vendor management system (VMS).

Through medicusOne, you partner with one company, Medicus Healthcare Solutions. Whether you’re a Hospital, Health System, PMO, or Group, we accept responsibility for managing and supporting your supplemental provider coverage needs across your organization. Our goal is to create efficiencies that help to reduce the challenges of procuring locums coverage, and to support the identification of fulltime providers.

The medicusOne solution produces benefits and outcomes well beyond those typical locum tenens staffing companies can offer. With a keen focus on your organizational goals and imperatives, Medicus Healthcare Solutions identifies the root cause(s) and works to improve the overall health of your system. Where others might treat the symptoms of a challenged organization, we take a solutions-based versus transaction-based approach. Therefore, we can offer the medicusOne solution that translates from:

Multiple Companies

Multiple Contracts

Multiple Vendors

Multiple Invoices

Multiple Partners

Average Fill Ratios
Locum Companies 35%
medicusOne1 98%

Average Fill Ratios


Locum Tenens





1Data based on Medicus Healthcare Solutions average of days filled across multiple specialties

Our Services

With Medicus Healthcare Solutions, you can expect complete transparency. Our solutions and proprietary technology, MedicusIQ, is custom designed with your needs in mind. We provide a high-touch, high-quality experience with a team of dedicated professionals, supported by best in class technology, that is unparalleled in the staffing industry.

Service & Benefits MedicusOne logo Locum / VMS / MSP
Reporting and Dashboards
Centralized Contracting
Consolidated Invoicing
Vendor Network
Clinical Oversight
Optimum Permanent Placement Services logo Permanent Placement
Credentialing as a Service
MedicusIQ technology portal logo Technology Tool
Goal Alignment
Market Data and Analytics
Physician Satisfaction Scoring

With Medicus, being a partner means shared goals and outcomes. We and the clinicians we provide are an extension of your team. We are accountable for their quality and your coverage. Based on our record of success, helping our clients ensure their programs are staffed appropriately at all times and without interruption to the service, we are confident we will continue to be your most valuable partner.

Client Portal

The medicusIQ portal.

The medicusOne portal, medicusIQ, ensures seamless communication and visibility to your schedule, coverage, providers, and more importantly, our performance. Your medicuslQ is customized enabling you to:

  • Submit coverage requests
  • View provider schedules/calendars
  • See candidate status and approve time sheets
  • Review contracts and invoices
  • Receive access to reports and dashboards on:
    • Total staffing spend
    • Average hourly rates
    • Open shifts
    • Average submittals per shift
    • Fill ratios
    • Time-to-fill statistics
    • Average credentialing completion time

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