Medicus Megabytes: Link Roundup, 8/26/16

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Today, we highlight a mobile reference guide clinicians can use during in-flight emergencies, a report centered on 22 physician assistant (PA) practice specialties, tips for new doctors on attaining fulfillment and steering clear of burnout, and more.


  • A new app could help physicians treat 23 in-flight medical emergencies, ranging from chest pains to emergency deliveries, the Chicago Tribune reports via its Blue Sky Originals. The AirRx app can provide a clinician with detailed steps to address a medical issue he or she may not typically handle and information on how to practice in an environment influenced by factors not normally encountered, like barometric pressure. It is available for Apple and Android phones, and may be used without an internet connection.
  • A first of its kind practice report recently released by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) indicates more than 70 percent of PAs work in non-primary care specialties, according to an NCCPA press release. Encompassing nearly two dozen specialties and data representing more than 93 percent of certified PAs in the United States, it is the most comprehensive PA specialty workforce data available to date.
  • Mulling over locations for a fall getaway and/or upcoming locum tenens assignments? Money magazine suggests seven trips ideal for autumn travels—three abroad and four within the States—that are easy on the wallet, too. In addition to providing tips on where to stay, the article offers ideas on things to do, what you can expect to pay for meals in the featured cities, and more.

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