Medicus Healthcare Solutions Recognizes National Doctors’ Day

March 30 marks the annual celebration of doctors across the United States. Although we are always appreciative of the commitments and achievements of our practicing physicians, this year, it means a little more.

Shortly after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, the United States announced a national emergency. Across the country, nonessential employees began a new life of working remotely and businesses elected to close their doors for the wellbeing of their communities. However, hospitals kept their doors open and physicians across the nation accepted their responsibility as an integral part of the front line.

We recognize the compassion that it takes to tend to patients. More than that, we value the bravery that it takes in the uncertainty our country is currently facing. You demonstrate kindness and self-sacrifice that is truly unparalleled. From all of us at Medicus Healthcare Solutions, thank you for your humble service.

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