Healthcare Consulting Services

We’re more than a staffing company.

At Medicus, we approach your organization’s unique challenges by providing a detailed assessment. That data helps us plan and structure your service lines for optimal quality, operational efficiency, and financial performance. We are committed to identifying opportunities and creating a strategy—tailored to your facility—to help you achieve your unique goals.

Our dedicated consulting teams are equipped to evaluate your facility or practice in the following areas:

  • Cost containment or savings
  • Revenue and margins
  • Awareness of and commitment to organizational and financial goals
  • Ability to reinvest for organizational growth
  • Patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Core measurement scores
  • Public perception and reputation
  • Competitive positioning
  • Patient throughput
  • Efficiency in service delivery
  • Provider performance
  • Clinical service
  • Ability to recruit and retain highly qualified providers
  • Physician-hospital alignment
  • Leadership succession program to sustain a high-performing organization
  • Physician satisfaction and skill development
  • Staff buy-in and commitment to improving patient experience

As a committed partner, we help you pinpoint problem areas and identify opportunities for improvement. Then, we restructure and realign your organization to gain optimal continuity of care—simultaneously driving top- and bottom-line results.

With expertise across numerous medical specialties, we offer customized services to help you compete in today’s constantly changing healthcare environment:

  • Restructure: When your service line requires reorganization, we employ exclusive tools to design the optimal structure and then partner with your leaders to implement changes for sustained success.
  • Launch: We facilitate all aspects of launching a department or program and provide the necessary clinical resources.
  • Transition: Whether you are replacing a group model with an employed physician model or changing a contracted service from one vendor to another, we can advise and support you to ensure a smooth transition, providing any interim staffing services you might require.

Medicus Healthcare Solutions’ Three-Pronged Approach

  1. Assessment:
    • Pre-visit review of preliminary data
    • Onsite interviews with key stakeholders, including verification of data to ensure accuracy
    • Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
    • Report of findings and recommendations
  2. Implementation of recommendations: We work directly with the client over three to six months to implement changes and achieve desired results.
  3. Advisory services: Receive ongoing services to support the program as needed, including consultative support, periodic assessment of performance on key metrics, interim leadership, training, recruitment, and scheduling.