Locum Tenens Staffing Companies: More Than ‘Filling in Your Gaps’

Many hospitals, medical groups, clinics, and health systems work with one or more locum tenens staffing agencies after a clinician leaves. Then, once the position is filled, organizations move on. However, some locum tenens staffing companies have the service and expertise to create a long-term partnership and satisfy your organization’s needs. Have you ever considered other areas where a locum tenens staffing firm could provide effective solutions? Here are six possibilities:

  1. Crisis response. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes can debilitate a healthcare organization’s infrastructure. Natural disasters have the potential to cause significant casualties, the survivors often need significant medical care, and the community still suffers daily illnesses and chronic conditions. Partnering with a locum tenens staffing company as part of your crisis response plan can help you better prepare for these sudden occurrences and ensure continuity of care for your patients.
  1. Seasonal support. Several healthcare organizations see an increase in patients at certain times of the year. Seasonal issues include an unexpectedly active flu season, uptick in population (e.g., “snowbirds” who head south when temperatures drop), and increase in sports and activities that carry a high risk of injury, from the use of personal watercraft and fireworks during the summer to downhill skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Using independent contractors can provide a way to support your permanent staff and deliver quality healthcare—no matter the time of year.
  1. Permanent placement services. Perhaps you have a dozen open positions to fill. Or, maybe you have been searching for one high-quality provider for the past three months. Whatever the case may be, if you wish to add more regular staff at your facility, practice, or health system, working with a locum tenens staffing company that also offers permanent placement services can simplify your recruiting efforts.
  1. Project and resource management. Traditional locum tenens services can leave gaps in coverage and place an added burden on administrators. A staffing company that can handle up to 100 percent of schedule and provider management—acting as a single point of contact—can help you streamline your processes and eliminate the need to work with multiple sources. In addition, this service frees up more of your time, allowing you to better focus on recruiting permanent physicians and other providers, improve patient satisfaction, reduce costs, and maintain steady revenues.
  1. Consulting. Most locum tenens staffing companies do not offer this option, and those that do generally limit it to an evaluation. For optimal benefit, seek a firm that can provide your healthcare organization with a detailed assessment and also assist you in identifying opportunities and creating a strategy to fit your specific needs.
  1. External credentialing support. This service offers a practical, cost-effective solution for healthcare organizations that do not have locum tenens or permanent staffing needs but could use help completing applications and collecting essential information and documents. If you choose to work with an outside resource, make sure you have a thorough understanding of their services. For instance, can they cross-credential providers and coordinate clinical privileges with medical staff offices for facilities with multiple locations? And will they assume start-to-finish management of the credentialing process? Getting answers to these questions up front can help you ensure that you receive the greatest return on your investment.

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