How to Collaborate with Nurses While Doing Locum Tenens

As a locum tenens professional, especially if you embrace the practice alternative on a full-time basis, you routinely travel from one assignment to another to satisfy a critical staffing need. Managers at client facilities and practices count on you to work effectively with their permanent administrative, medical, and clinical staffs, as well as other locum tenens providers on assignment at their organizations.

In honor of National Nurses’ Week, celebrated May 6 – 12, here are several straightforward steps you can take to improve communication and promote collaboration with nurses while you work locum tenens.

  • Address nurses by name. As an independent contractor, unless you recurrently accept contracts at a particular hospital, practice, or health system, you may not know the name of a nurse at your assignment location. In such cases, you will convey a world of goodwill by asking that clinician for his or her name. If you have already been introduced to someone and have forgotten his or her name, simply ask for it again. As a locum tenens provider, you meet a lot of people at different assignment destinations and remembering new names can be a challenge. But the simple act of asking people what they would like to be called when you address them will immediately signify recognition and respect.
  • Encourage an atmosphere of positivity. To be an effective locum tenens physician, advanced practitioner, or CRNA, ensure nurses and other members of the regular staff feel at ease engaging with you. Take an active role in fostering a comfortable environment that allows for questions without judgment and the discussion of patient concerns, plans of care, and any issues that arise.
  • Respect nurse-patient interactions. If you enter a patient’s room during such an exchange, be sensitive to it. Your consideration can help nurture a therapeutic relationship between nurse and patient, which can have a substantial impact on the patient’s recovery and wellbeing.
  • Acknowledge nurses’ vital role in the delivery of care. The most fundamental thing you can do is recognize a professional’s knowledge and dedication, and how both of those factors benefit patients and the healthcare team alike. When you appreciate nurses’ contributions and experience, thank them. Moreover, privately and publicly compliment those who do an exceptional job, and be sure to share your praise and feedback with facility decision makers and practice managers.

A harmonious environment

Locum tenens professionals are expected to hit the ground running, providing valuable expertise and continuity of quality care. By implementing the above mentioned steps, you can do your part to ensure positive relationships, as well as more harmonious, productive work environments.

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