How Healthcare Leaders and Locum Tenens Providers Can Work Together in New Practice Settings

Since they routinely accept locum tenens jobs, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and CRNAs face diverse healthcare settings. Experienced locum tenens providers also can see a variety of management systems and delivery of care, so they must routinely exercise flexibility and work within each organization’s structure to successfully provide continuity of care. Several factors impact how well these providers settle into healthcare organizations. Although each environment differs, healthcare leaders and locum tenens providers can each adopt similar practices to smooth the transition.

What to know

Because doctors and advanced practitioners must quickly absorb each managerial approach at their assignments, communication is key. Creating an immediate connection with the manager, administrator, or supervisor helps doctors adapt to patient flow and other dynamics. Whether this connection is initiated by the provider or at the administrative level, ultimately, it improves patient care.

Healthcare leaders, although your locum tenens physician is not necessarily a permanent member of your team, the physician’s presence is making a permanent impact. It’s helpful to make information easily accessible about the availability of staff, the electronic healthcare records (EHR) system, and billing management and reimbursement practices, especially because these factors differ by assignment.

Providers, don’t be afraid to reach out early and establish that you’re enthusiastic about your assignment and plan to adopt the organization’s philosophy. Inquiring about details prior to the start of a contract makes a lasting impression and could lead to future opportunities at the practice or facility, should it have further coverage needs.

Go with the flow

Typically, the manager or a designated leader guides patient flow and plays an integral role in ensuring a locum tenens clinician is in sync with the organization’s practice style. These leaders can reduce concerns of both the temporary provider and regular staff and help facilitate the practitioner’s task of delivering exceptional care to all patients. Enlisting staff to help guide the new clinician and providing ample training are both important to helping the locum tenens physician settle in.

On the other hand, a locum tenens provider can support the administrator or manager by making him or her aware of deviations from typical processes and clarifying these differences. Questions are better than assumptions. Seek individuals with tenure to help guide the transition. Permanent staff can often assist by pointing out where equipment and supplies are located.

Availability and options

It’s essential to learn about the availability and options for procedures in each practice setting. This communication should be upfront during the interview process. For healthcare leaders, it’s important to include and detail these expectations to locum tenens physicians prior to their start dates.

When a clinician agrees to a locum tenens job, procedures pertinent to his or her area of specialization are often relevant. However, instead of assuming, it is best for these clinicians to ask whether members of regular staff are familiar with various procedures and if they can offer assistance with any or all of them. Similarly, locum tenens healthcare professionals should inquire about the equipment on hand at the practice location before they begin an assignment so they are prepared for procedures.

Through experiences with different healthcare organizations and management styles, locum tenens providers can grow and further their careers by identifying strategies that boost client and patient satisfaction alike and result in quality advancements. Supportive healthcare leaders help shape these experiences for both providers and patients.

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