Hiring 101: Tips for Securing the Perfect Provider

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time. When you need to hire a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or CRNA for your practice or facility, it usually needs to happen ASAP. While you want to find top-tier candidates for the job, you still must minimize disruptions in the interim, keeping your hospital or medical facility running smoothly.

So how can you effectively focus on finding—and retaining—the best providers while also ensuring your practice maintains continuity of quality care and meets revenue objectives? Read on for six savvy tips to help fine-tune your hiring strategy and minimize turnover at your healthcare organization.

  1. Craft excellent job descriptions. Effective job descriptions help attract the best medical professionals. Highlight your organization’s culture and values as well as what a candidate could expect if he or she were part of your team. Make it compelling; underscore the unique opportunities and benefits your practice, clinic, or hospital can offer and be specific about responsibilities and the skills required. You can further hone the accuracy of a job description by reviewing it with the person currently in the role and/or someone who recently held it. This process helps you eliminate redundancies and capture any essential information that was not included in the previous listing. Lastly, give the description a thorough proofread to ensure it reads well and is free of typos and errors.
  1. Go live! Your need is immediate, so once you review and refine the job description, upload the posting to your website or job board. You also may opt to post it on third-party websites to advance your reach. Consider working with a reputable staffing company, like Medicus Healthcare Solutions, to help expand your network of physicians.
  1. Ask for employee referrals. Employees are a great resource and may know a clinician who would be a perfect fit. They are bound to have excellent connections who are not looking for a new job―until they hear about the fantastic opportunity at your medical practice or facility. Inform your staff that there’s a position for which you’re seeking coverage and empower them to help find reputable staff who will likely mesh well with your existing team.
  1. Consider hiring from within. It’s possible you already have the right person for the job. A member of your internal staff could be qualified, a good culture fit, and interested in the position! Remind your existing staff members that they are more than welcome to apply, but you should still follow the same process you use when evaluating external candidates. This continuity assists you in making the best decision both for your organization and the employee.
  1. Partner with a reputable locum tenens staffing company. Working with an established agency simplifies your recruiting efforts and helps you meet critical coverage needs in a timely manner. While you seek, interview, and vet candidates, experienced locum tenens providers deliver seamless coverage to your patients. In addition, some locum tenens staffing firms have permanent placement divisions that could provide a more comprehensive solution for your physician, advanced practitioner, and CRNA staffing needs.
  1. Remember, time is of the essence. Exceptional candidates are a hot commodity; they do not remain available for long. As cover letters and curricula vitae start appearing, review them swiftly to determine which providers could be a great match. Then, start scheduling interviews. Your perfect provider could be just a phone call away.

Laying the foundation for good hiring practices helps ensure you’re targeting the right healthcare professionals for open positions. To learn how Medicus Healthcare Solutions can further help you meet your staffing needs, call 855-301-0563 to speak with one of our experienced representatives today.


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