A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Locum Tenens Providers

As National Locum Tenens Week comes to a close, it is important to recognize locum tenens practitioners’ dedication and contribution to the healthcare landscape. A locum tenens assignment is more than just a temporary staffing solution, it helps healthcare facilities ensure continuity of care for the patients and the communities they serve. When it comes to understanding the impact that locum tenens providers have across the nation, we turned to our recruiters who work with our providers each day to help make a difference.

Medicus Healthcare Solutions’ recruiters act as the liaison between the providers and the healthcare facilities where they work. A phrase commonly heard at Medicus is “It’s the Medicus Difference,” and we believe this is what truly sets us apart from other healthcare staffing firms. Our recruiters have built strong relationships by having meaningful conversations with providers across the country and truly want to understand their career goals and preferences. We are proud of the relationships that have been built over the years and thank our providers for the work that they do each and every day.

“It’s amazing to see the impact our physicians have on stabilizing many behavioral health programs throughout the country. This doesn’t just help the patients, but the rest of the staff who have had to deal with a higher census because of the shortages they’ve been experiencing. We often see higher a census lead to physician burnout or higher liability on the facilities.

I want to thank all the providers who I’ve worked with over the past 5 years, that have made such an incredible impact in behavioral health.”

Tim Callahan, Psychiatry

“My Physician and I have worked together for about a year and a half. He has been a dedicated physician on multiple projects for Medicus, whether they were right in his backyard in Boston or traveling to rural West Virginia. No matter the facility, days or nights, or where in the country he was, my Physician has always received extremely positive feedback. He’s a hard worker, knowledgeable, provides excellent patient care, and is always a team player. Since March, when hospital censuses began to rise due to COVID-19, he has picked up 20+ shifts a month to help make an impact during this difficult time. He is a great example of a dedicated physician who goes above and beyond to support his community and people in need. Thank you from all of us at Medicus for being a part of our team!”

Laura Masessa, Hospital Medicine

“My locum tenen providers have continued to amaze me during such uncertain times. They have saved lives and exposed themselves to stressful environments, sometimes far away from family members but still manage to connect with me regularly asking me how I am doing? How my family is doing? My providers show interests in my life and this shows the strong bond we share and it becomes far more than just an assignment.”

Eric Bevilacqua, Radiology

“My physician and I have worked together for 1.5 years and it has been nothing short of a great experience. He has worked at two transitions for Medicus and was a true transition player; he has always been responsive, timely, flexible and team oriented.  Most recently, he was offered a permanent opportunity with our client which is a true testament of his hard work and dedication to Medicus and our clients.

Not only has this Physician been supportive to Medicus and our clients, but he has been someone for me to lean on in a personal capacity for medical advice. When my mother had a heart attack in February this year, he was the first provider I called after being discharged when we thought she had some complications after a procedure. At 9p Dr. B. called me rather than continuing a conversation with me through text to give myself and my family comfort and medical recommendations. He followed up with me at midnight that night to ensure everything went well. Dr. B. truly is the definition of a dedicated and compassionate physician. His work and kind gestures will always be admirable.”

Tatiana Aboujaoude, Hospital Medicine

“Whether it be their first locums assignment or their fifteenth locums assignment, thank you to all the locum tenens providers and practitioners for bravely jumping in to unfamiliar facilities across the country, and are continuing to do so, to work day and night to treat patients in such an uncharted pandemic. Your hard work and dedication to the field of medicine is transcending.”

Allie Levesque, National Recruiting Services

“Locum Tenens providers are important any time or season in life, but they’ve been especially important during the pandemic. The willingness of some of our providers to step in on short notice, provide quality coverage, and help save lives has been so valuable.”

 Kelley Donovan, Hospital Medicine

Thank you to our incredible locum tenens providers for stepping in to make a difference. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make an impact, call 603.898.6492 to speak with an experienced Medicus Healthcare Solutions recruiter today.

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