Healthcare Leaders: How to Eliminate 5 Points of Contact

As a healthcare leader, you’re faced with a variety of pressing issues each day. In addition to ensuring that your hospital, health system, PMO, or group is stable, you also must consider ways to expand the patient populations you serve. Controlling day-to-day operations in addition to strategizing future initiatives can become overwhelming.

How would you like to eliminate dealing with multiple companies, contracts, vendors, invoices, and partners? Wouldn’t it be simpler to work with one company that agrees to take full responsibility for your entire schedule and operates with your organizational goals in mind? Through medicusOne®, you can.

Partnering with Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) ensures complete transparency and seamless communication. Medicus strives to create an extension of your existing team and customizes strategies to suit your unique challenges. In addition to a solutions-based approach to your healthcare needs, you gain access to medicusIQ℠, a customized portal providing visibility to your schedule, coverage, providers, and most importantly, Medicus’ performance. In one convenient location, you are empowered to review provider schedules, contracts, and invoices in addition to having access to reporting and dashboards on fill ratios and time-to-fill statistics.

To explore one group’s success with medicusOne®, check out this case study:

Metropolitan Group Expands with Ensured Staffing Partnership

Hospital Profile: A group from New York managing 20 hospital medicine and ED contracts required a strategic partner to grow its portfolio of business and attract and retain physicians to fully staff expansion.

Client Scenario: The group relied on Medicus to help support their growth in a New York metropolitan area and entrusted Medicus to design a strategy that would:

  • Develop and support the acquisition of new contracts
  • Implement supplemental coverage and help permanently staff the facility with high-quality providers

The Medicus Solution: Medicus engaged with the group as they absorbed a new contract and implemented a strategic plan to simultaneously gain additional contracts and full coverage. This customized solution included:

  • Aligning with the group to fully understand the vision of the program and its strategic initiatives
  • Guiding expansion in a metropolitan area, a location in which the group was unfamiliar
  • Building a clinical team that exceeded quality expectations
  • Supporting the facility partner on-site throughout the launch and meeting the physicians to ensure a smooth transition

Results: Medicus’ collaborative efforts allowed the facility to efficiently meet its goals and experience a successful program launch. Additionally, this partnership created opportunities for the facility to continue expansion. The Medicus solution:

  • Nurtured a relationship with the group as the single point of contact, narrowed hospital resources, and helped focus recruitment efforts
  • Provided two leads per quarter to states with significant growth potential
  • Facilitated continuous coverage over the course of the launch
  • Created a 100 percent fill ratio with an exceptional team of physicians
  • Developed a long-term partnership with the facility and delivered leads that are currently in the RFP process; two additional sites launched in summer 2019

To learn more about the medicusOne® solution and how it can help your facility, call 603.288.1527 to request a complimentary consultation today.  

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