Healthcare Leaders: Cover Multiple Specialties with One Solution

Healthcare leaders often struggle to manage day-to-day operations and focus on more important tasks, like planning future initiatives and strategy.

Instead of enlisting multiple companies to cover scheduling gaps, there’s a full-service solution for your needs. By working with one company that takes full responsibility for your schedule and manages with your organizational goals in mind, you can eliminate a lot of stress and headaches.

Partnering with Medicus Healthcare Solutions (Medicus) generates a solutions-based approach and grants access to medicusIQ℠. This customized portal provides visibility for your schedule, coverage, providers and, most importantly, Medicus’ performance. Through one touchpoint, you can review contracts, invoices, and access reporting and dashboards detailing important data, like fill ratios and time-to-fill statistics. Medicus strives to maintain transparency and exemplary communication, creating an extension of your existing team with strategies that are tailored to your unique challenges.

To explore one hospital’s success with medicusOne®, a service that combines the benefits of using a managed service provider and the services of a vendor management system, check out this case study:

Streamlining Processes in Suburban Wisconsin

A 200-bed, full-service, acute care hospital in suburban Wisconsin struggled with multiple points of contact, so they engaged Medicus Healthcare Solutions to streamline scheduling and improve their quality outcomes.

Client Scenario.

The facility was utilizing services from eight locum tenens companies to cover four specialties: Hospital Medicine, Psychiatry, Emergency, and Obstetrics/Gynecology. The Director of Physician Recruitment, who was responsible for managing and staffing the vacancies, spent 100% of his time juggling each of the locum companies instead of hiring permanent employees. Having multiple touchpoints caused:

  • An inconsistent quality experience and limited accountability across specialties
  • Significant strain on hospital resources, including credentialing, licensing, and medical office staff
  • Lack of visibility into the hospital’s expenses

Medicus Solution.

Medicus worked with the hospital to develop goal alignment and a personalized dashboard, providing ongoing visibility to performance analytics through medicusIQ. This customized solution included:

  • Streamlining all locum tenens staffing to a single, committed vendor accountable for meeting the hospital’s needs through a variety of delivery capabilities
  • Centralizing contracts and consolidating invoicing to free hospital resources and allow them to re-focus and re-prioritize
  • Reporting through the medicusIQ portal to allow the hospital to view important metrics by specialty, like spend data


Medicus’ ability to effectively meet client needs through tailored services enhanced the hospital’s performance. The Medicus Solution:

  • Developed an efficient, single point of contact to focus hospital staff’s time and allow them to recruit permanent providers
  • Minimized the hospital’s expenses for additional credentialing resources by selectively running providers through the system
  • Garnered annual savings for the hospital by effectively staffing the same number of vacancies that multiple locums companies struggled to fill
  • Improved quality outcomes and management of the facility’s specialties by providing continuous coverage with clinicians dedicated to the hospital’s long-term success
  • Increased the fill ratio from 50% to 98% and eliminated the unnecessary bonuses paid to secure coverage
  • Stabilized a team within six months by hiring new physicians and converting two current locums physicians to permanent staff

To learn more about the medicusOne® solution and how it can help your facility, call 603.288.1527 to request a complimentary consultation today.  

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