Happy National PA Week 2015!

In honor of National Physician Assistant (PA) Week—which is observed annually from October 6 to 12—Medicus Healthcare Solutions salutes the more than 90,000 clinically practicing PAs in the United States for their dedication to the delivery of superior patient care. We deeply appreciate your contributions and the extraordinary work you do every day of the year.

Moreover, we are grateful to those of you who accept locum tenens opportunities at hospitals, practices, groups, and other healthcare organizations nationwide. The decision to bring your knowledge and skills to underserved communities and other areas in need results in countless patients receiving essential medical services.

As you reflect on your profession and its advances over the past 50 years, check out a few tips inspired by PAs Connect for celebrating PA Week 2015.

  • Engage others. If you have a suggestion for recognizing PAs, share it with your colleagues and community leaders, and seek their assistance in turning your idea into a reality.
  • Promote the PA Week culture. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone knew about PA Week? Spread the word by starting a tradition to commemorate it—at your regular facility or while on assignment—each year.
  • Honor your peers. Remember to call, text, or email your fellow PAs to tell them how much you appreciate them and consider hosting a celebratory dinner.
  • Get social. Tell everyone how you’re celebrating PA Week on Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites, and get #PAweek trending!

Medicus Healthcare Solutions is privileged to partner with many PAs pursuing the locum tenens practice alternative. Your vital role increases patients’ access to quality healthcare and improves outcomes. Thank you, again, for all you do. Enjoy your special week!

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