Don’t Hang Up Your Stethoscope – Consider Locum Tenens

Many clinicians reach a point where they may not wish to practice medicine full time. If you’re reaching that stage, but you find yourself reluctant to stop working, you still have options. If you’re hesitant to hang up your stethoscope, you probably have more lives to change and care to provide.

Consider pursuing an academic position or a part-time contract with your current practice. Either of these options allows you to continue practicing and helping patients while scaling back your time.

However, if you’re seeking even more flexibility, you may consider practicing locum tenens as you approach semi-retirement. Read on to discover a few advantages you could expect through this practice alternative.

  1. Help fund missions and other volunteer work while creating the time to pursue these interests. Like many committed providers, your passion for medicine may extend far beyond the walls of your current hospital. You may be interested in devoting your time and expertise to a worthy cause. What if you had the time to do so? Whether your aspirations include being part of an international mission trip or assisting a local nonprofit organization in your community, working locum tenens provides you with the finances and flexibility to pursue your passion.
  2. See the country before you fully retire—and make a difference along the way. Put together a wish list of geographic areas that you would like to explore and see if there are assignments that match. With facilities and practices constantly in need of experienced physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and CRNAs, you should have no shortage of places to explore while on assignment. If you’re seeking locum tenens jobs within a government facility, you only need one active, unrestricted state license. If you want to be placed in different settings and need assistance in acquiring licensure in other states, consider enlisting the help of an experienced locum tenens staffing representative from a reputable company, like Medicus Healthcare Solutions.
  3. Don’t forget—your spouse or partner can accompany you on locum tenens assignments. If you plan accordingly, this could be the perfect chance for you to explore parts of the country that you’ve always wanted to explore together!

  4. Offset financial losses. Sometimes, life happens. If a big event causes you to dip into your savings, you may have to rethink your retirement plans. An option as simple as a one-week assignment each month could help you recuperate your savings. Depending on your desire and financial needs, you could choose to practice more frequently or less often. Locum tenens allows you to set your schedule, which is an attractive option that may not be possible through other professional opportunities.

Working locum tenens offers an excellent way to simultaneously step back from full-time practice and meet your personal objectives. Embark on your path to semi-retirement today by calling 855.301.0563 to speak with a knowledgeable Medicus Healthcare Solutions recruiter.

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