Creating a Locum Tenens Assignment Bucket List

Bucket list on notepadWith a new year comes new opportunities. Whether you have been working locum tenens for quite some time or have made trying it a New Year’s resolution, putting together an assignment bucket list is great way to firm up and ultimately achieve your professional and/or travel objectives for 2018. Read on for three tips that can help you reach your goals.

    • Establish the location(s) you want to experience. The number of areas you choose to include on the list will hinge on factors ranging from the amount of time you want to spend in an assignment locale to an opportunity’s distance from your permanent home and your preference for part- or full-time locum tenens practice. Also, this step can help you figure out which areas to consider if you’re ultimately looking for the best place to put down roots or are interested in taking a working vacation of sorts. Of course, it is prudent to be open to locum tenens jobs situated in locations you may not have previously considered, as they can lead to some of the best assignment experiences.


  • Get licensed in the states that most appeal to you, if you’re not already. Let’s say you want to spend time doing locum work in an area near family or friends in another part of the country. As licensure wait times can vary anywhere from three weeks to nine months, the earlier you make your locum tenens staffing recruiter aware of your wishes, the better. You can then begin to review options and get timely assistance from your staffing company’s licensing and credentialing departments. Coordinators at some locum tenens staffing companies will even pre-fill the applications for you! Then, all you’ll need to do is confirm the information’s accuracy, fill in the missing details, and sign.

Applications graphic

Boards in several states—such as Alaska, Arizona, Maine, New Hampshire, Texas, and Washington—offer temporary physician licenses, which could prove a more expedient option, if any of these states are on your assignment bucket list. In addition, the licensure process can be both fast-tracked and simplified if the state where you are licensed participates in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC). Last year, the IMLC Commission began accepting applications from qualified doctors interested in obtaining multistate licensure. Learn more by reading, “The IMLC: States Issuing Licenses, Implementation Delays, Legislation Introduced.”

  • Determine your preferred practice setting(s). Similar to identifying locations to include on your assignment bucket list, you need to consider and select the type(s) of facility you want to work in—such as a group practice or teaching hospital—as well as geographical locations (e.g., urban areas, rural locales). 

If you have practiced in only one type of setting, be it a large health system or small hospital, you may be drawn to opportunities at similar healthcare organizations. Then again, you could be eager to explore different options. Fortunately, the flexibility that locum tenens work offers allows you to decide whether to “mix it up” or remain in your comfort zone.

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