Benefits of Summer Locum Tenens Assignments

There are a variety of motivators for working locum tenens, such as sidestepping hospital politics, having more control over your work schedule, and paying down a mortgage or student loans. Have you considered the additional rewards you could enjoy on assignment throughout the summer? Physicians, advanced practitioners, and CRNAs who accept locum tenens jobs during the warmer months discover many benefits.

  1. Enjoy summer vacation destinations. Plan your next assignment in an area filled with summer activities, like outdoor concerts, fairs, and festivals. Think New York’s Finger Lakes region, which hums with activities—boating, hiking, and wine tours. Check out Yosemite National Park in California, where you can indulge in gold panning, rock climbing, golfing, and horseback riding.
  2. Have an excuse for a road trip. If you dreamed of driving along historic Route 66 or traversing the picturesque Blue Ridge Highway, summer is the best season to accept a far-off locum tenens opportunity. So, pack your bags and hit the open road—but, before you embark on your journey, check out this post detailing a few reminders for driving long distance to an assignment!
  3. Invite the family. Summer is the perfect time to have your spouse and children accompany you to an assignment. Tailor the length of your contract based on what works for your family, whether it’s a two-week adventure or an eight-week getaway. Brainstorm places and activities everyone enjoys or would like to experience, establish location options with your recruiter, and involve the whole household in the selection process. (Of course, you can bring your significant other and kids on assignment any time of year. Several clinicians who practice locum tenens away from home always take their family along. Those with school-aged kids often opt to homeschool their children or remain in an assignment area for the entire school year.)
  4. Allow other practitioners to enjoy a well-deserved summer break. Making it possible for a peer to take time off and maintain continuity of quality care for patients is a great way to give back to your profession. For many physicians, particularly those who live in rural areas and have solo practices, the absence of regular vacations leads to burnout, career dissatisfaction, and a desire to leave clinical practice. With your assistance, another clinician can unwind, enjoy hobbies, and regroup, allowing the clinician to return to work refreshed and exhilarated (and consider returning the favor to another physician)!

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