9 Tips for Staying Organized While Working Locum Tenens

In an earlier post, we provided you with a convenient travel document checklist, outlining essential paperwork to have on hand as you journey to and from locum tenens jobs. You will, of course, want ready access to a number of items when you’re on assignment—from bills and directions to your curriculum vitae (CV) and personal “must haves”—which is why it is important to establish a “portable management system” that will help you stay organized. While some things naturally lend themselves to a digital solution, others call for a physical approach. Here, we offer a few tips that make the most of both options.


  1. Place documents you want to carry, from medical licenses to insurance policies, in an accordion folder. (Your recruiter can provide you with a list of the professional paperwork you need to take on assignment.) An expandable file provides the perfect, central location for your physical papers, and standard versions have 12 pockets and tab inserts to keep things in order. Think about maintaining a separate file for receipts and other important documents you have to save. When you return to your home base, you can file them in a more permanent location.
  1. Pack a small zippered case with desk supplies like a stapler, transparent tape, scissors, paper clips, address labels, and stamps. A veritable office in a bag, it will take up very little space and can help you stay on top of personal administrative tasks.
  1. If you have not already done so, sign up for online banking with your financial institution—a particularly useful system if you plan to be on assignment for a month or longer. It will allow you to pay monthly bills remotely on a schedule that works best for you. What’s more, if you accept opportunities with a locum tenens staffing company that offers direct deposit, you can arrange to have your pay electronically transferred into your checking or savings account.
  1. Keep a copy of your CV on your personal computer, and update it regularly. Be sure to continuously record locum tenens jobs as you complete them, and review your references and revise them as necessary. To ensure your recruiter always has the latest version, send him or her a copy whenever you amend it.
  1. Even if you have a GPS, get a map of your assignment locale and its surrounding areas, and stash it in your glove compartment along with a road atlas. Both of these traditional tools can help you get to your destination if you encounter a satellite outage or experience problems with your device.
  1. If you are going to be in a given location for several months, you may want to order a local phone directory—especially if you will not be staying in a hotel, where one would be available. While commercial listings can be found on the internet, some professionals prefer to have a physical phone book with local businesses’ names, addresses, and phone numbers right at their fingertips. Several corporations, such as AT&T, Verizon, and The Real Yellow Pages, publish them, and you can request a copy by phone or online.
  1. Maintain a literal or electronic file that contains directions to your assignment facilities. This information will come in handy if you are invited to return to facilities or practices for locum tenens opportunities. Be sure to include administrators’ names and titles, pertinent addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, too.
  1. Keep an empty drawer or “between box” at your permanent residence and fill it with items you want to bring to an upcoming locum tenens opportunity, from family photos and books to swimwear and snorkeling gear.
  1. When you are on assignment, pick up small, meaningful souvenirs connected to your locum tenens travels—such as a community cookbook or something locally produced, like honey or jam—and stow them in your luggage. These kinds of mementos are more personal than the usual keychain or magnet, and they make a great treat or thank-you gift for the friend or family member who takes care of things at home while you are away.

A place for everything

Determining the things you will need as well as those that can enhance your experience—and finding the best way to access and use all of them—is a strategy with benefits that transcend aesthetics. It will help you to feel settled and bring order to your day-to-day activities while you enjoy new opportunities.

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