8 Ways to Celebrate National Locum Tenens Week at Your Hospital or Practice

National Locum Tenens Week LogoThe first National Locum Tenens Week is fast approaching! Announced by the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) in May, it takes place the week of August 14. Its objective is to formally observe the contributions of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other medical professionals who work locum tenens at hospitals, practices, and other healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

Moreover, National Locum Tenens Week will give those in locum tenens staffing and organizations who use locum tenens services a platform for collectively recognizing clinicians who accept short- and long-term contracts on a full- or part-time basis. These clinicians play a significant role in combatting the physician shortage, and in delivering continuity of quality care to patients and their families across the country.

Medicus Healthcare Solutions sings the praises year round of the dedicated providers we represent, and we are thrilled NALTO has organized what is sure to become a meaningful annual event. If you are a hospital administrator, practice manager, or healthcare executive who would like to acknowledge the efforts of locum tenens physicians and/or advanced practitioners on assignment within your organization, here are a few suggestions for joining the festivities:

  1. Thank clinicians in person or with a simple handwritten notecard, and encourage others in your organization who work with locum tenens professionals to do the same. Or make providers a “thank you” video that features peers, administrators, and other permanent staff members.
  2. Organize a recognition breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  3. Decorate the lounge in honor of National Locum Tenens Week.
  4. Bring in healthy homemade desserts and other treats, and invite staff to participate, too.
  5. Provide desirable “VIP” parking spots to locum tenens providers throughout the week.
  6. Present them with a small but meaningful token or service, such as locally produced honey or a voucher for a complimentary car wash.
  7. Make a charitable donation in their honor.
  8. Use #locumtenensweek in social media posts throughout the week of August 14.

However you choose to celebrate National Locum Tenens Week, physicians and advanced practitioners on assignment within your healthcare organization will appreciate your acknowledgement of the vital services they provide.

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