7 Things You Should Know About NALTO

Whether you are a provider interested in taking locum tenens assignments or a practice manager in need of securing quality locum tenens services, you should ensure the staffing firm(s) you partner with are part of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations, often referred to simply by its acronym, NALTO.

“Clinicians who have not previously worked with a locum tenens staffing agency may not be familiar with NALTO, let alone know how working with one of its member companies can benefit them,” says Joe Matarese, MBA, FACHE, CEO and founder of Medicus Healthcare Solutions and a member of NALTO’s board of directors. “The organization was established to advance the locum tenens industry, and it ensures physicians and healthcare facilities alike receive fair and ethical treatment from staffing companies that are NALTO member agencies.”

Read on to learn more about the only industry organization committed to promoting sound business practices in locum tenens physician recruitment.

  1. NALTO was founded 15 years ago to develop and implement industry standards and ethical guidelines for companies that provide physician locum tenens recruitment services.
  1. As of this writing, NALTO has 75 members, a number that includes vendor members. (Currently, 64 of NALTO’s member agencies are locum tenens staffing firms.)
  1. While they may use the services of its member companies, physicians, medical practices, hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare facilities cannot become members of NALTO.
  1. NALTO is dedicated to providing ongoing educational programs and resources pertaining to industry standards, ethical conduct among locum tenens companies, and market trends, as well as their impact on its member agencies.
  1. NALTO’s board of directors comprises locum tenens industry professionals from active, company agencies in good standing.
  1. Member firms are held to high professional principles by the Association’s Code of Ethics and industry Standards of Practice—which set clear and effective parameters of behavior—and they are obliged to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects favorably on both the locum tenens profession and NALTO.
  1. Following a formal complaint and subsequent hearing, if one of NALTO’s member agencies is found to have violated the Association’s Code of Ethics, it may face sanctions up to and including termination of membership.

Medical professionals who accept opportunities through NALTO member companies can avoid the kinds of challenges that may arise when represented by a staffing firm that is not part of the Association. Similarly, medical practices and healthcare facilities that partner with agencies belonging to NALTO can trust that the companies they do business with respect and adhere to the highest standards in the locum tenens staffing industry. To explore your options, call 855-301-0563 and speak with a knowledgeable Medicus Healthcare Solutions representative today.

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