7 ‘Little’ Things to Do Before You Start a Locum Tenens Job

Little things mean a lot, especially when it comes to a fulfilling professional experience. While a knowledgeable, dedicated locum tenens staffing company recruiter will certainly review contract essentials with you prior to the start of an opportunity, here are several seemingly small, but effective, things you can do that can help you get off to a great start.

  1. If you are being placed in an apartment or accommodations other than a hotel, establish what is included in your housing package in terms of furnishings and housewares. After all, you do not want to take up valuable suitcase real estate with something you will not need. Similarly, if you would rather not be without a favorite appliance or gadget that’s not included, you may wish to add it to your packing list or ship it to your assignment destination to coincide with your arrival.
  1. Confirm a day and time to meet the housing manager to pick up your keys, if you are staying in an apartment complex. Then, touch base again before your appointment, even en route to it, to verify that you are on your way. It is a slight, extra step, but it will give the building manager a “heads up” reminder to have everything ready for you. You also may use the occasion to ask about property policies, like garbage pickup and the recycling of plastic, glass, and cardboard boxes.
  1. If you are driving to your locum tenens job, sign up for membership to a motor club—such as AAA, AARP Roadside Assistance, or Good Sam Roadside Assistance—if you are not already a member. In addition to getting emergency roadside help whenever you need it, you will enjoy benefits like identity theft protection, fuel delivery, travel guides, and discounts.
  1. While some clinicians like the convenience and mobility that apps afford, others are more comfortable having hardcover references and publications at their disposal. If you fall into the latter group, ask if any manuals or medical journals will be available for your use at the medical practice or facility, so you can determine whether you need to bring your preferred resources with you.
  1. Before you report for work, ask the facility manager or administrator if it would be possible to get the names of the staff members you will work with most frequently. You might find it easier to remember the names of colleagues at your assignment locale if you already know them when you meet in person.
  1. Find out about menu options in the hospital cafeteria—as well as its hours of operation—and/or nearby places to grab a healthy bite to eat. Inquire about your mealtime(s), too, and where you can store (and heat up) food, so you can better plan for packed lunches, dinners, and snacks.
  1. In addition to enjoying nutritious treats—like a dried fruit and nut mix, veggie slices, and a protein bar—during a long flight or drive, get up or out regularly to stretch your legs. Also, you can pleasantly pass the time by varying your rituals. If you are on a plane, watch a movie, read, and/or take a 20-to-30-minute nap. If you are behind the wheel, mix it up by singing along with the radio, listening to an audio book, or tuning in to informative travel-related podcasts.

A big deal

As traveling to new locum tenens assignments becomes part of your usual routine, you likely will add to or edit this list to better satisfy your personal preferences and needs. However, regardless of your destinations, attending to outwardly minor details ahead of time can help you avoid surprises and enjoy smooth transitions, which is, in fact, a pretty big deal.

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