5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Locum Assignments

Although some independent clinicians select assignments close to home, other physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and CRNAs who work locum tenens choose this practice alternative to explore different parts of the United States. These medical providers enjoy the ability to discover new places and cross several states off their travel bucket list.

However, if you’re a clinician who hopes to explore while you practice, it’s easy to fall into a boring rhythm of “work, home, work.” Unfortunately, this restricts your sightseeing adventures to airport terminals, hotel rooms, and hospitals. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can follow to indulge your wanderlust during your downtime.

  1. Create individual assignment bucket lists. Have you always wanted to ski Vail? Hike the Rockies? Is one of your favorite bands touring during your stay? Look up area attractions and research open exhibits, festivals, and seasonal offerings to enjoy when you are in town. Write down each of your “must-sees” before departing on your assignment. Then, slowly check them off the list during your downtime.
  2. Visit friends or family. Maybe one of your goals is to take assignments close to family or friends you don’t see often. If this is the case, try to make (at least tentative) arrangements to see them before you depart. Not only does this break up your trip, but it gives you something to look forward to and make you feel at home in a new area. Plus, if you establish plans early on, it’s easier to commit and not let work become an excuse.
  3. Ask a local. Seek recommendations for restaurants and attractions from other clinicians at your facility. This is a great way to get to know some of your fellow medical providers and it gives you good insight into the best spots. Often, locals will know of a hole-in-the-wall diner with the best omelets or a great hiking spot that doesn’t double as a tourist trap. Most people are flattered when someone expresses a genuine interest in getting acquainted with their community. You may establish great relationships by seeking a local’s perspective; they may even offer to join you on your adventure!
  4. Schedule time for exploration. Obviously, your duties at the facility take priority in your schedule. However, try to plan time to explore, too. Don’t get lulled into a routine that only satisfies working and sleeping. Instead, select a few items from your assignment bucket list and work them into your calendar. Taking time to sightsee (even if it’s just to a downtown strip) is a great mental refresh so you can return to your next shift fully rejuvenated.
  5. Stay a little longer. Consider extending your assignment. If you are interested in taking a few days to explore a city or town and/or its nearby areas, speak with your Medicus Healthcare Solutions recruiter about incorporating some extra time into the end of a locum tenens opportunity. This allows you to take a break between assignments and fully relax, not to mention you can leave the state knowing you took the time to really cross it off your list.

Unlike other professionals who routinely travel for work, locum tenens providers establish where they go and how long they will stay there. With these tips, you can unite your passion for delivering quality care to patients in need with your passion for traveling.

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