5 Travel Tips for a Faster Flight

Physicians and advanced practitioners who accept locum tenens jobs in other states (or in faraway areas in their own state) often end up flying to their new assignment. With the holidays approaching, travel plans are reaching an all-time high! Flying can be faster than driving, and travelers can easily enjoy napping, reading, or watching a movie so that by the time they arrive at their destination, they’re refreshed. Similarly, they can catch up on busywork, such as updating their calendar or completing documents, using their time much more productively than they could in a vehicle.

Despite the convenience of flying, the check-in process, lengthy security lines, potential delays, and other challenges that can come with flying can get frustrating for even the most easy-going travelers. Fortunately, you and your fellow clinicians have a few ways to enjoy positive airport experiences, whether you’re about to jet off to a new assignment, visit family, or you’re taking a well-deserved vacation.

  1. TSA PreCheck. Many locum tenens providers end up flying multiple times a year. If you fall into this category, you could cut the time spent at checkpoints by enrolling in TSA PreCheck. With a five-year $85 membership, you can get through security more quickly without removing your shoes, laptop, liquids, belt, or light jacket. Applying is an easy online process; then schedule an appointment for a background check, which includes fingerprinting, at one of nearly 400 enrollment centers. PS: You get PreCheck if you’re a member of a Customs and Border Protection expedited entry program, such as Global Entry, Nexus, or Sentri!
  1. Invest in essential travel items. If you fly regularly or plan to for locum tenens commitments and do not plan to register for TSA PreCheck, consider buying items like a TSA-approved laptop case, travel bottles, and reusable toiletry bags to help you get through security checkpoints more quickly.
  1. Online check-in. This process takes roughly five minutes and lets you review and verify the flight time. You can either print your boarding pass or just scan it from your smartphone. Prior to your departure for the airport, be sure to download your airline’s app, which could further speed things up.
  1. Confirm flight status and wait times through the TSA app. If you haven’t downloaded it, now is the perfect time to do so. Although many carriers will contact passengers via text if there’s a delay, performing this easy task will give you real-time info and could save you from getting to the terminal three hours early.
  1. Wear security-friendly clothing. To avoid getting held up at checkpoints, leave behind intricate jewelry, clothing and/or accessories embellished with metal, and shoes that do not easily slip on and off. Consider packing belts in your luggage and placing your jewelry in a case stashed in your carry-on. Also, think about wearing a comfortable pair of pants and a sweater or a casual shirt to the airport. You’ll get through security faster, and you’ll be much more comfortable while flying.

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