5 Telltale Signs Locum Tenens is Right for You

Maybe you have completed your training and are torn between hospital employment and accepting a position at a single-specialty group practice. Or perhaps you are looking for a way to pay down your medical school debt faster. Then again, you may simply be thinking about the ways you can professionally experience new challenges and uncharted territory.

Working locum tenens can offer you the kind of freedom that clinicians in permanent positions dream about. If you agree with any of the following statements, but have yet to take a locum tenens assignment, consider this practice alternative. It can lead to many advantages and provide the perfect career path.

  1. I would like to test drive different practice settings. Working locum tenens gives you the ability to “try before you buy,” which means you can take assignments in an array of environments—from government facilities to teaching hospitals—to better establish which setting is optimal for you.
  1. I want to supplement my regular income. Locum tenens opportunities can give you the ability to moonlight during your downtime. A number of providers take assignments on weekends to earn extra money to pay off student loans, save for the down payment on a home, or set up their own practice.
  1. The notion of regularly traveling to new places is invigorating. In the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, “Not all those who wander are lost.” If exploring new cities and different parts of the country appeals to you, working locum tenens can, quite literally, take you there. What’s more, a reputable locum tenens firm will assume your travel and housing expenses.
  1. Having control of my schedule would be a substantial benefit. Regardless of whether you want to cut back on your hours, take additional shifts, or ensure you have certain holidays off, doing locum tenens allows you to be in charge of when and how long you work.
  1. I enjoy meeting new people and learning from other cultures. In addition to giving you occasions to appreciate different areas and geography, locum tenens practice can expose you to other ways of life, produce new friendships, and broaden your professional network.

Follow the signs

To explore locum tenens options, speak with physicians and advanced practitioners who have worked locum tenens, and start a dialogue with experienced staffing company representatives—like the knowledgeable recruiters at Medicus Healthcare Solutions—check out myriad opportunities across the country and follow the signs to the rewarding “locum lifestyle.”

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