5 Suggestions to Improve Physician Satisfaction at Your Facility

Doctors sitting down conversingAcross the country, at healthcare facilities just like yours, physician recruiters are working overtime to attract the best providers to their organizations. Of course, their job is far from over once a clinician agrees to join their team. As with any successful relationship, both parties must contribute time and energy to maintain commitment.

So, how can you keep your physicians engaged and eliminate the costly and time-consuming prospect of turnover? Here are five tips for improving physician satisfaction at your hospital, practice, or clinic:

    1. Offer a competitive package. Money may not be everything, but it is among providers’ top considerations when evaluating employment options. Depending on what your budget allows, you can also sweeten the deal by offering attractive benefits. Retirement plans and malpractice insurance typically go a long way toward keeping physicians happy. Generous paid leave is also a highly ranked commodity and can easily be accommodated by using locum tenens physicians to jump in as needed.


    1. Maintain open communication. Provide physicians with an opportunity to say what’s on their minds by soliciting regular feedback. Ask them if they have any suggestions for how their work life could be improved and what they enjoy about working at your facility or practice. You can gather this information through anonymous surveys, a suggestion box outside the administrator’s office, or in person at quarterly meetings. Asking the questions ahead of time shows that you care about the health and well-being of your staff and patients. Additionally, it puts you in a proactive position to address concerns before they become deal-breakers for your doctors.


    1. Acknowledge individual needs and accommodate flexible schedules. Each doctor is different. If you disregard physicians who prefer a part-time or flexible schedule, you could miss out on some wonderful candidates, perhaps some of the best. Seasoned doctors who simply want to dial back their hours instead of retiring and parents who work hard to balance their children’s school schedules make up a significant part of the physician workforce. It is important to fill your staff with the most qualified doctors who align well with the culture of your facility. With careful planning, you could piece together a schedule that works for everyone, especially if you rely on locum tenens providers from reputable companies, like Medicus Healthcare Solutions, to fill in the gaps.


    1. Offer support. Many doctors are most satisfied when they can concentrate on treating patients without being bogged down with tedious administrative duties. The facility benefits from the more time they can spend with patients, too. Consider supplying administrative assistants or nurses to handle some of the non-clinical tasks to prevent physician burnout. This gesture shows your doctors that you care about their contributions and are invested in their continued success.


  1. Encourage growth and develop leaders. Pursuing external professional opportunities—such as being active in associations or attending conferences—can keep physicians aware of the latest techniques and excited about their specialty and help them fulfill continuing medical education (CME) requirements, too. You can make these opportunities easier for your doctors by providing paid time off and utilizing locum tenens providers in their absence.

Physicians who feel they are making a difference are more likely to be satisfied, and you can facilitate this positive sentiment by offering leadership opportunities. Consider assigning motivated doctors to appropriate committees, encouraging them to attend pertinent conferences, and budgeting time and money for leadership courses.

These suggestions can go a long way toward increasing physician satisfaction, help you develop lasting relationships, and retain the same providers for extended periods of time.

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