5 Reasons Millennials Are the Perfect Locum Tenens Hire

The medical landscape is facing several headlining challenges. Perhaps most pressing, the physician shortage is creating continual demand for medical providers across the United States. Because of this need, locum tenens staffing companies, like Medicus Healthcare Solutions, have risen to the challenge. Their services help alleviate coverage gaps by efficiently matching facilities and providers. A meticulous screening process is one of the best ways to help create a perfect fit between the client and physician. Assessing the fit on a more personal level allows each recruiter to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

The rigorous screening process allows recruiters to uncover unlikely fits and spot trends among physicians. Since millennials have become the largest generation in the United States labor force, their contributions are growing rapidly. By 2030, Generation Y will account for 75 percent of the workforce. Although millennials have been on the receiving end of some negative stereotyping, there are a few distinct qualities that make them the perfect locum tenens hire. Read on to discover five reasons why they could be the best match to deliver coverage at your facility:

  1. They’re digital natives.

It’s no secret that millennials are comfortable with technology. While older generations often struggle to navigate new interfaces, millennials embrace the challenge. They witnessed many of the biggest advances in software and hardware and have grown comfortable with varying user experiences.

As locum tenens professionals must adjust to each new hospital environment, millennials are a great fit. Adapting to different EMR systems may be challenging for many, but this tech-savvy group is less likely to be intimidated by the differences. Instead, they’ll grow accustomed to the changes quickly and efficiently due to their shallower learning curve.

  1. Curiosity keeps them going.

The field of medicine often presents more questions than answers. And, rumor has it, millennials are the most curious generation in the workforce! In a world filled with symptoms and diagnoses, millennials are a wonderful resource. Since they are likely to push the envelope, ask difficult questions, and seek all the information, they are ideal candidates for medical professionals.

Much of a successful locum tenens career is about embracing newness. With a desire to learn, see, and travel to new places, locums work will likely quench this generation’s continual thirst for knowledge.

  1. They’ll thrive in the locum life.

Millennials embrace the idea of flexible schedules and rank work/life balance as an important quality in their professional environment.

Locum tenens providers are free to set their hours and the locations of their jobs. The freedom to schedule gaps and choose the places that they take assignments aligns well with millennial values. If they’ve always wanted to try Colorado or Florida, locum tenens offers a way to check out these destinations without any long-term commitment.

  1. Collaborative nature.

Millennials are collaborative and team-oriented by nature; these traits work well for locum tenens providers. Aloof providers are much less likely to achieve the seamless level of camaraderie that reputable staffing organizations strive to nurture. Additionally, rigidity often transfers to patient interactions, compromising quality of care.

Since each new hospital also comes with a new group of medical professionals, successful short-term providers must blend well with a variety of personalities and practice departments. Well-maintained relationships ultimately help improve patient care, creating a positive environment within your healthcare organization.

  1. Social conscientiousness.

With the healthcare landscape encountering a variety of issues, including high CEO turnover, it’s important to develop leaders, particularly individuals who are equipped to address issues facing rural healthcare. Since millennials are social advocates, their presence as locum tenens professionals could be crucial as healthcare moves toward a solution.

Their compassion and concern for social issues also means they could be motivated to advance beyond a physician position. This desire to create a positive impact opens possibilities for future consulting or research positions. Ultimately, millennials are motivated to learn, grow, and pass on that knowledge to others.

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