5 More Signs You Should Be Working Locum Tenens

In the past, we presented different scenarios to illustrate a number of ways the “locum lifestyle” could be calling your name. Here, we suggest five more for your consideration. Read on to see if one or several resonate with you.

  1. I would like to deliver care to the medically underserved. While it can be challenging to work with socially disadvantaged groups in areas with limited access to healthcare services, it also can be very rewarding. Like many providers, you may be drawn to care for underserved populations as a tradition of service. Through locum tenens opportunities, you can bring quality healthcare to patients in remote areas of the United States. If you want to do volunteer work abroad, working locum tenens can offer flexibility in terms of travel and your schedule, and also help to fund your missions.
  1. I want more quality time with my loved ones. Working locum tenens can quickly make this wish a reality because it puts you in charge of your schedule. You can determine when you work as well as the time you take off. If you would like to travel to visit friends or family in different parts of the country, the practice alternative makes that a possibility, as well. Simply opt for assignments at facilities in communities close to where your relatives or buddies reside and reconnect during your downtime.
  1. I want to indulge in an activity that can be pursued only in certain geographic areas. Perhaps you enjoy spending time at the beach. Or maybe you are happiest when you are out on the slopes. Then again, white-water rafting may be your passion. Locum tenens jobs can put you in places where you are able to partake of your favorite activities on a more regular basis.
  1. I am not sure where I want to live when I retire. If you plan to relocate when you stop practicing medicine but are undecided about where you would like to go, doing locum tenens can give you the ability to check out a variety of locales from coast to coast, risk-free. As an independent contractor, you can experience life as a local, allowing you to “try before you buy” and make a big move.
  1. I’m not ready to retire but would love to live like a snowbird. You can tailor your locum tenens experience to enjoy mild weather year round. So if summering in Vermont and spending the winter in Florida sounds like a dream, you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities.

Could working locum tenens be your destiny? Contact a respected staffing company, like Medicus Healthcare Solutions, and speak with a knowledgeable recruiter today to learn more.

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