4 Benefits of Practicing Medicine for the Veterans Health Administration

If you’re seeking an opportunity to advance your career and make an impact on a large volume of patients, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) could be the answer.

As the nation’s largest integrated healthcare system in the United States, the VHA serves over 9 million veterans and performs about 400,000 procedures annually. In addition to their continual efforts to optimize veteran care, the VHA nurtures physician engagement and accommodates professional exploration. Practicing medicine is simplified for the physician without the baggage of billing and insurance or the need to justify necessary procedures.

Read on to discover a few more benefits of practicing medicine for the VHA and why you should consider exploring some current openings:

  • Your patients are veterans

Working for the VHA offers a chance to provide care to America’s heroes. Each day, physicians tend to patients who possess unparalleled courage and stoicism. The job can be quite rewarding and the provider-patient relationships very special. Veterans often experience a variety of pain and injuries; physicians will likely encounter challenges they wouldn’t face in the average hospital, pushing them to think outside the box and expand their skill set. 

  • Government perks and protection

VHA physicians benefit from predictable, flexible schedules with definite shifts and 49 days of annual PTO. Salaries are guaranteed, unaffected by patient base or Medicare-relative value units. Since there is no significant restriction on moonlighting, physicians also may earn additional income with locum tenens work. A variety of health care and life insurance policies are offered, and physicians are covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

VHA physicians also are protected by government malpractice coverage, so they don’t have to worry about maintaining their own coverage. Additionally, the physician has no need to process claims or retain legal counsel; any legal remedy is charged to the federal government, not the federal employee.

  • Simplified licensure

One active, unrestricted state license allows VHA employees to practice in any VA facility nationwide. With the VA’s integrated system, employees are free to develop their careers and pursue alternative opportunities within the system so that they can transfer to a new facility with no loss of benefits.

  • Support of education and research

A variety of scholarships, tuition reimbursement, and loan repayment programs are offered to help offset the cost of continuing education. Additionally, the VA maintains the largest medical education program in the country, with partnerships at over 1,800 academic institutions. VA employees with federal student loans may be eligible for the national loan forgiveness program, and VHA doctors can earn CME credits at no cost through Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) activities.

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