3 Ways Locum Tenens Services Increase Your Bottom Line


As the individual who manages your healthcare organization’s staffing needs, you’re responsible for ensuring adequate coverage and the delivery of excellent patient care. Imagine a staffing solution that also helps boost your hospital or practice’s bottom line.

To achieve this, consider partnering with a respected locum tenens staffing company, like Medicus Healthcare Solutions. Here are just a few ways your organization could save money—and even prosper—by adding locum tenens providers to its staffing mix.

  1. Increase and/or prevent loss of revenue. 
  2. Often, finding a quality clinician to fill a vacant position takes time. After all, you are looking for candidates who are not only qualified, but who would also be a good fit with your regular staff, culture, and patient-care philosophies.

    Using locum tenens professionals until you can secure a permanent solution could help your facility or practice earn revenue it would otherwise lose. Theoretically, you will not have to decrease your daily census with this coverage. Similarly, taking the time to properly assess candidates ensures that you will not make a snap decision and hire the wrong permanent provider. Temporarily staffing with locums provides some breathing room so you can effectively evaluate prospective permanent medical professionals. Throughout the process, your facility maintains continuity of care, keeping patients happy and your reputation intact.

  3. Reduce the cost of malpractice insurance. 
  4. To cover your organization’s risks, you probably spend a sizeable sum on medical malpractice insurance every year. If you partner with a reputable locum tenens staffing company, you don’t have to absorb the cost of malpractice insurance for the provider(s) that firm sends to your facility. These agencies employ a series of quality assurance measures concerning the healthcare professionals they place at facilities around the country. In addition to the extra savings, you have the peace of mind that an esteemed staffing agency verifies that the candidates they recommend are capable and experienced.

  5. Time to better assess staffing needs.
  6. Maybe you have an immediate requirement for increased coverage but are not yet certain a permanent physician, advanced practice provider, or CRNA is the answer. If so, you could arrange to have a skilled locum tenens clinician on assignment at your hospital or practice to fill the gap while you better evaluate your staffing requirements. This way, you can see where your facility truly needs extra coverage before you invest in a permanent solution.

Are you interested in learning more about how a locum tenens staffing solution could save you money and complement your facility’s success? If so, contact a respected medical staffing company, like Medicus Healthcare Solutions, to explore the possibilities.

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