3 Sets of Questions to Ask Before Working Locum Tenens

Doctor on the phoneIf you are contemplating locum tenens practice, undoubtedly, you want to know what you could anticipate from a reputable staffing company and knowledgeable recruiter, in terms of opportunities as well as support. In addition, you want to learn about the obligations and expectations of individual assignments that would be presented for your consideration.

An experienced recruiter should thoughtfully review his or her staffing company’s requirements with you, as well as those of the locum tenens opportunities, and could also highlight attractions and amenities in or near an assignment area. Nevertheless, it is prudent to put together a list questions to pose while going over your options.

Here, we provide three sets of inquiries to add to that list to help ensure you get the answers you desire prior to making a commitment.


    • Would I work with one person – you or another recruiter – for all my locum tenens opportunities?


    • What would you need from me in terms of paperwork and documents?


    • Are you well-versed in the procedures, skills, and terminology associated with my specialty or subspecialty?


    • If an issue arose while I was working or I needed immediate assistance outside of typical working hours, could I call you for help?


    • Could you present me with a variety of options to choose from based on duration, location, and setting?


  • If you represented me, how often could I expect you to check in or follow up when I’m working a locum tenens job?

About the staffing company:

    • Is your firm skilled at representing providers in my specialty or subspecialty?


    • Does your firm offer licensure assistance as well as help with obtaining hospital privileges?


    • Is your agency an active member of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO), the industry association that holds its members to a strict code of ethics?


    • Does your company cover medical malpractice insurance? If so, what type of coverage is provided?


  • If I were to accept an assignment through your agency, what could I expect for travel arrangements and temporary lodging?

Travel graphic

  • How often would I be paid as a locum tenens provider and is direct deposit an option?

Assignment details:

    • What are the contract facility’s expectations or provider’s responsibilities?


    • What is the patient load?


    • What kinds of procedures are required?


    • Is there a weekend and/or call schedule?


    • Where or to whom would I report the first day of an assignment?


  • Is there a designated parking area for clinicians and, if so, do I need a pass or tag or code?

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