3 Reasons Telepsychiatry Aids your Facility

Telepsychiatry, a form of telehealth, enables hospitals and mental health facilities throughout the country to increase access to psychiatric services. This technology is especially helpful for healthcare organizations situated in medically underserved areas. Frequently, these facilities are challenged by the lack of psychiatrists and advanced practitioners who specialize in mental and behavioral health and live in these communities. Telepsychiatry helps bridge that gap for patients, simultaneously helping hospital administrators and other healthcare leaders meet the needs in their community.

Facilities without the need for a full-time clinician—or those that require staffing assistance only when permanent staff is ill or on vacation—can profit from the services of a locum tenens telepsychiatrist, too. In today’s post, we highlight three of the advantages healthcare leaders should expect when partnering with a reputable company that offers a TelePsych staffing solution:

  1. Easily tailored technology for program, practitioner, and patient needs. A staffing firm’s solution should include the following key features: a HIPAA-compliant hosted platform to ensure privacy; high-quality video; multiple ways to initiate the session, such as through a virtual waiting room as well as scheduled and on-demand sessions; secure messaging between onsite staff and the telepsychiatrist; and session notes, history, and reporting. The equipment for TelePsych services is provided when and where you need it and also should include platform orientation and telehealth professionalism training for the psychiatrist.
  2. Increased access and quality of care. Telepsychiatry can accelerate the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and disposition of patients in your practice setting. With a more consistent and flexible schedule, patients could be seen in a timelier manner and certainly faster than if they had to travel to a location in another area or state. Additionally, patients have the convenient opportunity to receive care in a familiar setting without compromising their health by forgoing or putting off needed services due to travel restrictions.
  3. Ability to provide a greater scope of service. When you consider travel time and costs, telepsychiatry is far more cost-effective than face-to-face services. Offering a TelePsych solution to patients would increase both inpatient and outpatient revenue at your facility, positively impacting your bottom line and helping your surrounding community receive access to care.

For more information on TelePsych staffing services and how they could benefit your healthcare organization and patients, call 855.301.0563 today to speak with one of Medicus Healthcare Solutions experienced business development executives.

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