20 Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2020

With much of your time spent either in the operating room or meticulously entering patient notes, Twitter is probably one of the last things on your mind. Although the snappy, trendy social media platform has always been a great source for up-to-date news information and political discourse, what does it have to do with medical professionals?

No matter how active your current online presence is, you should consider adding Twitter to your social media arsenal. The platform takes very little time to set up, and since each tweet is a maximum of 280 characters, it requires minimal effort to participate.

Between news and politics, 54% of Americans turn to Twitter for information. Since the network’s recently introduced “explore” tab makes it even easier for users to consume trending topics and viral news, it’s a go-to source for quick updates.

The medical community has a unique opportunity to harness the power of Twitter to continue educating patient populations. And, some have already started the conversation.

From answering questions, to debunking myths, to starting controversial policy conversations, to correcting false information, your ability to positively impact patient care skyrockets by using Twitter. The best part? You don’t even have to schedule an appointment. As you consider strengthening your Twitter presence, here are 20 accounts worth following; they have already established themselves as excellent resources to supplement medical practice news and healthcare insights.

  1. @SoMeDocs

A home for physicians from across the globe, bringing #networking opportunities via moderated threads, in both private and public forms.

  1. @kevinmd

Physician, author, keynote speaker, USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors. Social media’s leading physician voice.

  1. @DrJosephKim

Digital health geek, MD, MPH, MBA, #wearables, #fitness, #CME, Quality Improvement (QI), interprofessional collaborative practice.

  1. @AmerMedicalAssn

American Medical Association: Physicians’ powerful ally in patient care.

  1. @Atul_Gawande

Surgeon, writer, researcher, CEO.

  1. @FierceHealth

We deliver need-to-know healthcare news, insights and trends for industry executives.

  1. @HarvardHealth

Knowledge is the best medicine. Providing you with trustworthy health information from the halls of @Harvardmed and world-famous affiliated hospitals.

  1. @HealthITNews

Covering the people, policy and tech driving next-gen healthcare in the U.S. It has been the voice of health IT for 15+ years.

  1. @KHNews

News service covering health care. Editorially independent program of @KFF. No ties to Kaiser Permanente.

  1. @MayoClinic

An integrated clinical practice, education and research institution specializing in treating patients.

  1. @Medscape

Medscape provides breaking medical news and expert perspectives, drug and disease information, and free CME across 30+ medical specialties.

  1. @Reuters_Health

Sharing health and medical news from around the world.

  1. @docweighsin

Having fun creating and sharing stories about health and healthcare innovation on THE DOCTOR WEIGHS IN.

  1. @WeNurses

Connecting nurses to share information, ideas, knowledge, and support in order to improve patient care.

  1. @Berci

Director of The Medical Futurist Institute, science fiction fanatic, health tracker with a mission to bring future technologies to healthcare. #digitalhealth

  1. @ChrissyFarr

Health and tech reporter at @CNBC.

  1. @SusannahFox

I help people navigate health and technology.

  1. @HIMSS

HIMSS aims to realize the full health potential of every human, everywhere.

  1. @ONC

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) improves the health and well-being of individuals through the use of technology and health information.

  1. @modrnhealthcr

Award-winning healthcare business news, research, and opinion

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