17 Questions Your Locum Tenens Staffing Firm Should Answer

Do you need to fill four open jobs within your health system and need temporary or permanent staff as quickly as possible? Or, are you eager to secure locum tenens staffing services now to ensure your practice has coverage for a physician who will be out on maternity leave this fall? Maybe you’re looking for an agency that can deliver other services that your healthcare organization needs—such as consulting services or project and resource management—to provide you with a more comprehensive, single-point-of-contact solution.

No matter your objective, to help you in your journey to the perfect staffing solution, we’ve composed a list of questions to ask business development executives and/or other staffing company representatives. Tailor the questions to your needs and the areas most important to your organization. If you currently work with a locum tenens staffing company, pose the questions to your contact person to be sure your hospital, practice, or health system is achieving its needs from that relationship.

    1. Do you have recruiters (and departments) dedicated to specific areas of practice or are they generalists working with providers in a variety of specialties?
    2. Could you offer complete supplemental staffing coverage for our entire schedule?
    3. In general, how quickly can your agency fill requests?
    4. Do you regularly seek new solutions for your clients? If so, please elaborate.
    5. How do you find and vet the physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and CRNAs you place on locum tenens jobs?
    6. What criteria do you use when matching a locum tenens provider to an assignment?
    7. If an emergency were to arise, could I expect a timely response from my company representative during non-traditional business hours?
    8. Do you visit client facilities to meet with administrators, managers, and/or other decision makers on site?
    9. Can you provide references? Testimonials?
    10. How would you describe the ideal client?
    11. Explain the client side of the process, from beginning to end, with regard to placing a locum tenens provider on assignment.
    12. Are routine follow-ups with facility or practice administrators part of the service you provide once a clinician starts a locum job? Please elaborate.
    13. If a provider left a locum tenens opportunity before it was completed, how would your firm handle it?
    14. If my organization was dissatisfied with a provider’s performance, what would your company do to remedy the situation?
    15. Name three benefits clients can expect when they partner with your agency.
    16. Do you offer services beyond locum tenens, such as project and resource management or revenue cycle optimization?
    17. What sets your firm apart from other locum tenens staffing companies?

To learn about Medicus Healthcare Solutions and how our services can benefit your healthcare organization, call 855.301.0563 to speak with a knowledgeable business development executive today.

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