14 Must-Download Applications for Traveling Providers

One of the biggest perks of practicing locum tenens is the ability to travel. The excitement of varying assignments and the ability to explore new destinations along the way are huge benefits of this practice alternative.

Whether your next placement is in a new city, or you’re planning a well-deserved vacation at an unvisited destination, your schedule probably revolves around travel plans. For locum tenens professionals, it’s time consuming to coordinate travel details in addition to lining up necessary documentation for each placement. Thankfully, some locum tenens staffing companies assist with booking hotels and flights, eliminating a few items from your to-do list.

Even if you’ve enlisted a recruiter to help you along the way, traveling—whether by plane or car—is still a big undertaking. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of applications that will make your next locum tenens assignment (or vacation) easier to navigate—and help you find entertainment along the way! Read on to discover 14 applications your smartphone needs before you embark on your next journey!


AllTrails—Are you a hiker, biker, or similar outdoor enthusiast? Search for and discover nearby trails with this application. The user-friendly interface includes specially curated trail maps and a forum for other adventurers. The comprehensive reviews feature photos and trail conditions that are crowdsourced from millions of mountain-goers and trailblazers.

Audible—Does driving to your next placement sound like a bit of a bore? Consider downloading Audible. After paying a small fee, you receive access to a wide variety of discounted books, a credit for one audiobook, and two “Audible Originals” each month. If you’re not enjoying a book, you can swap it out, and you can cancel your account at any time—keeping all the books you’ve already downloaded!

VoiceMap Audio Tours—Skip the lines and create your own excursion! This fun application offers GPS-guided audio walks. Each tour is narrated by a local who knows the city like the back of his or her hand. International tours are the most popular, but a variety of tours are available in the United States, including San Francisco, New York City, Austin, Boston, and more.

Kindle—No matter how much you love the creak of a new spine or crisp paper between your fingers, it’s hard to lug around a stack of books to each locum tenens assignment. Instead, download a few of your favorites ahead of time and use the application to access your next read! Bookworms beware, Kindle Unlimited is a tempting subscription!

Pinterest—For a variety of new recipes and DIY inspiration, download the Pinterest application. Whether you’re killing time in an airport or genuinely scratching your head about what to make for your next meal, Pinterest can help.

TripAdvisor—This travel site offers extensive hotel, local attraction, and restaurant reviews. The user reviews are detailed and offer good input so you don’t have to visit or stay somewhere without any background!


AroundMe—This cleverly designed application uses your GPS location to provide real-time updates about nearby amenities, including banks, bars, gas stations, hospitals, restaurants, and grocery stores.

FlightAware—Questions about your flight? This real-time flight status and tracking map follows commercial flights worldwide. With FlightAware, you can enable push notifications for departure and arrival information, cancellations, delays, and gate changes.

GasBuddy―GasBuddy helps find the best gas prices near you and allows you to save five cents on each gallon when you use the “Pay with GasBuddy card.” You can even filter your search results by brand and amenities, like car washes, coffee, or restrooms. If that’s not enough, shopping at select brands provides free gas rewards!

iExit—Can you make it to the next exit? Whether you’re seeking fuel or a bathroom, iExit helps plan your pitstops along the interstate! By using your location, it displays upcoming exit summaries. You can even search for specifics. Craving pumpkin spice? Plug in Starbucks and it will tell you which exit you need. Even if you’re looking for more practical amenities, like hotels or WiFi, the app has you covered!

Maps.ME– Sick of using all your data for navigation? Maps.ME uses GPS navigation and still offers turn-by-turn instructions with offline maps so you can download and use them later—without using your data!

PackPoint— Even though you pack your bags frequently, you may be heading to a new location this time around. What do you bring? PackPoint tells you! Enter the length of travel, weather, and activities—the app does the rest! You can customize your trip for professional or personal reasons, even international needs.

Roadtrippers—Ever plan your driving route and then wonder where to stop along the way? With Roadtrippers, you don’t have to! Plan your route and the application will include all the perfect local hotspots, like quirky diners, scenic views, and other amenities. Then, plot out your favorites to include on your drive!

Uber—If you need a ride to or from the airport, or even to the nearest shopping center, Uber can provide a quick, reliable ride—no matter the time of day! You can link your card directly with the account, so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash or digging it out while you’re juggling luggage!

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