Preparing for Pollen: Is your urgent care center ready?

An estimated 40 million Americans suffer from outdoor allergies1.  In fact, most allergies are triggered by trees, grass or weed pollen. Due to the nature of seasonal allergies, it is often difficult to anticipate exactly when they will start to affect people.

Patients are turning to urgent care clinics instead of doctors’ offices this spring. Is your urgent care center prepared to handle an influx of spring allergies?

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Is your urgent care ready for the influx of spring sports injuries?

Melvin Sports InjuryNearly 2 million healthy individuals suffer sports-related injuries annually that result with treatment in emergency rooms1. Many of these sports-related injuries are minor, such as ankle sprains.

An estimated 13.7% — 27.1% of visits to the emergency room could be treated at urgent care centers2. This could represent a potential increase of up to 542,000 additional visits to urgent care centers.

Spring sports are now in full swing. Is your urgent care center prepared to handle an influx of sports-related injuries?

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Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Melvin - Occupational MedicineDid you know that each year 5.7 million Americans are injured or become ill due to workplace hazards in the U.S.?

Did you also know that most U.S. companies elect to have a contracted facility (like local urgent care centers) handle all of their on-the-job injuries?

Combine these facts and you will find that urgent care owners and operators have a unique opportunity to grow their businesses through a full-service occupational medicine service line.  By providing convenient and cost-effective access to these necessary and often required healthcare services, you can position yourself as the preferred facility for all your local business’ workplace injuries needs.

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Don’t Let Flu Season Erode Your Bottom Line.

Locum Tenens JobsStaffing your urgent care center to meet patient demand is vital to your business, but unpredictable increases in volume can be difficult to plan for. With the Urgent Care Association of America® reporting that this year’s flu season is driving unprecedented numbers of patients to seek treatment, how do you ensure that you have the right number of providers in place to deliver the level of care that your patients expect?

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